Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Danny Boy

The Total Cheeser

Today is Dan my Man's 31st birthday.  So I thought I would give him a little shout out.  Happy Birthday Dan!  I'm so happy he is my husband and the father of my kids.  Makee, Bai, and Ry love their dad so much.  He has started teaching a couple classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  I didn't think it would effect the kids much, especially the babies, but they really notice when he's not there.  The days they don't see him seem to be rough days.  And when they see him the next day, they get so excited, they attack him.  And he misses them just as much.  I've noticed especially lately that Dan tries to take time to play with each of our kids.  One of my favorite things to do is watch him play with Mak, Bailee, and Rylin.  Makee and his daddy are sure buddies.  Every Monday morning I have to console our poor little boy as he realizes the weekend is over and that Daddy is not there to hang out with all day.  And the girls make him laugh so much when they play.  But he loves snuggling them the most.  I feel very bad for the boys that have to get through him before they can date Bai and Ry one day.  Along with doing yard work, Dan is always willing to help around the house, pay the bills, and fullfill all his other husbandly duties--all while I'm watching over his shoulder making sure he does it the right way.  (What can I say?  I think I'm OCD).  But he is a very hard worker, and he gets the job done.  Dan is also a total goofball, although he shows very few people that side of himself.  He always makes me laugh.  More than anything, I appreciate how much Dan helps take care of the kids.  He's always willing to do whatever I ask, and many times I don't even have to ask.  He does a very good job balancing his supervisor job, his teaching job, his church calling, and his family life.  He is a good man, and I love him a lot.  Happy Birthday Dan!  I hope we make your birthday AWESOME.
Daddy with Bai (white) and Ry (pink), and Mak.  Oh, I love when he has all three.  That means I have none
Best Buddies!
 Daddy with Bai and Ry
Daddy with Bai
Daddy with Ry