Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Okay.  You might have been wondering where I have been.  Below is an explanation.  If you don't care, skip to the bottom and you'll find our NEWEST blog, which is going to be PRIVATE.  So if you've left your email on this blog, I will be sure to invite you to our new one.  If not, leave it now.  I'll continue to check this blog occasionally.   

I have basically run out of memory on this blog.  So I started a new blog, which I decided to make private.  After doing only a couple posts on that blog, I realized I ran out of picture memory on my account.  So, I had to create a NEW account and therefore create a NEW blog, which I have done nothing with until now.  So, if you've been checking this blog, or our other blog that was  lyndsiedanielanderson.blogspot.com, sorry for the lack of new posts.  Be sure to change the link to our new address since I will be deleting our old new blog because I can't post any pics on it.  Here is our NEW blog:



Shelby and Mike Fenton said...

So I totally left my info on your last post, but in case you didn't get it here it is again!


::Kayla:: said...


Hilary said...

I'd love to see your new blog! Heelay27@yahoo.com

Laur said...


Natalie Felt said...

So I just found out that you have a blog. When you decide to go private send me a link. You'll have to give me your email as well because we've decided to make our blog private before the end of the month.